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Monday, October 8, 2012

Why I rarely answer your requests about rookie idol groups

I get a lot of requests about rookie idol groups. A LOT. They probably make up the bulk of the requests I get. The reason I never answer these is because netizens don't care.

K-Pop takes up maybe 20-30% of netizen interest in the entire entertainment industry. The rest are other senior artists, established idol groups, scandals, actors/actresses, dramas, etc. I think it's hard to see that K-Pop doesn't make up the entirety of the industry because as K-Pop fans, K-Pop is all we really see.

Unless said idol is in a scandal or has made an unusual achievement, netizens don't care. It's actually rare to see idol-related news in the top 30, which is why I only update 3-4 times a day unless separate, specific requests are made.

This lack of interest is tripled when it comes to rookies. You will know that B.A.P. is constantly in the headlines with allkpop, at least once or twice a week at minimum, but no one cares about them outside of the Baby fanbase. It's the same case for all of the other rookie idols you guys request (AoA, 15&, etc...)

I think you can see why companies resort to paying out to get their articles up there since it won't otherwise get there on its own.

Anyway, these are just the top 30 ranks for a random selection of days to give you an idea of what I'm working with. You can click the dates to get a link to check the articles for yourself (I won't take requests from these because they're outdated).


September 28th, 2012

1. Psy
2. Gil
3. Leessang
4. Jo In Sung, Song Hye Gyo
5. Sayuri
6. Joo Won, Park Ki Woong
7. G-Dragon
8. Hyunbin
9. Hyunbin
10. Reply 1997
11. Gary
12. Psy
13. Lee Joong Sung
14. Song Joong Gi
15. Psy
16. Lee Jun Ki
17. Lee Joong Sung
18. A.cian
19. Psy
20. Jo In Sung
21. Psy
22. Psy
23. Psy
24. Sean
25. EXID
26. Wonder Boys
27. Psy
28. Wonder Boys
29. Cass CF
30. Yoo Jae Suk


September 25th, 2012

1. G-Dragon
2. Superstar K4
3. Yoo Jae Suk's manager
4. Psy
5. G-Dragon
6. Superstar K4
7. Psy
8. G-DRagon
9. Tablo
10. Kim Sarang
11. WGM
12. Infinity Challenge
12. Infinity Challenge
13. Infinity Challenge
14. Yoo Jae Suk
15. Psy
16. FT Island
17. Infinity Challenge
18. Music Core
19. Superstar K4
20. G.O.
21. WGM
22. WGM
23. Psy
24. 'Love and War 2'
25. Infinity Challenge
26. Superstar K4
27. KARA
28. Rain
29. WGM
30. Kristin Stewart/Robert Pattison


September 9th, 2012

1. Kim Tae Hee
2. Kim Ki Duk
3. Kim Ki Duk
4. Lee Hyun Woo
5. You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly
6. Choi Jin Shil's children
7. Infinity Challenge
8. T-ara
9. Kim Ki Duk
10. IU
11. Infinity Challenge
12. Park Tae Hwan
13. Psy
14. Yoo Jae Suk
15. Lee Min Ho
16. Shinhwa
17. Psy
18. Jo Min Soo
19. Jung Jae Hyung
20. Shinhwa
21. Shinhwa
22. Jo Min Soo
23. Law of the Jungle 2
24. Shinhwa
25. Haeundae Lovers
26. IU
27. You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly
28. Qualifications of Men
29. 1 Night 2 Days
30. Qualifications of Men


September 6th, 2012

1. Kim Tae Hee
2. Wonbin
3. Bridal Mask
4. G-Dragon
5. Kim Na Young
6. Bridal Mask
7. Reply 1997
8. Psy
9. Bridal Mask
10. Infinity Challenge
11. Running Man
12. Choi Si Won's father
13. Unclassified Editorial
14. Sung Shi Kyung
15. Reply 1997
16. Lee Sung Min
17. Super Junior
18. Bridal Mask
19. Reply 1997
20. Reply 1997
21. Reply 1997
22. Lee Min Ho
23. Wonder Boys
24. Jessica
25. Bridal Mask
26. Choi In Hyuk
27. Park Joo Mi
28. Bridal Mask
30. Lee Byung Hun


September 3rd, 2012

1. T-ara
2. Kang Won Rae
3. Lee Hyori
4. Kim Gura
5. Shin DOng Yub
6. Jung Tae Ho
7. Goo Hara
8. Law of the Jungle 2
9. Kim Joo Hyuk/Kim Gyuri
10. Kim Hyun Joong
11. Qualifications of Men
12. G-Dragon
13. Two Months
14. Psy
15. Joo Won
16. Yoo Jae Suk
17. Kim Jun Hyun
18. Sean
19. An Young Mi
20. Infinity Challenge
21. Jo Jang Hyuk
22. Gag Concert
23. Reply 1997
24. Park Tae Hwan
25. Lee Seung Gi
26. Kim Jae Joong/Jin Yi Han
27. An Young Mi
28. I Am a Singer
29. Seungyeon
30. Bruce Willis


And so on and so forth... I would like to make this a regular thing day by day but realistically I already can't keep up with the idols that do make it to the top 30 on top of regular requests so daily ranking posts will have to be postponed until vacation or some other time. You can always check the rankings yourself.



  1. So netizens don't care about Park Jimin's debut because she debuted as a duo? Jyp's stupidity killed her career

    1. Lol no, no one really cared to begin with

    2. They must debut the winner, who gets to choose on his or her own. What do you expect? If jyp secretly doesn't like any of the top contestants, what is he gonna do?

    3. My hardcore jyp Stan back from the g.o.d period went hysteric when she heard that pjm chose jyp and that jyp recruited bay and the other guy. All three is just too much for jyp to handle and jyp had already had too many trainees( just look at all the famous ones he let go)

  2. Thanks for your work! I'm a fan, I take what I can get!

  3. This is why groups like EXID stand out so much with their media play. Everyone else on the list are huge names and popular shows ... and then there are nugu rookie groups.

  4. Thank you for this post! Lots of ifans who only read akp think that kpop is the top news in Korea while most oppas and unnies are hardly relevant

  5. can you translate the news about psy and kim jang hoon??? i saw it on the top ranking!

  6. "I think it's hard to see that K-Pop doesn't make up the entirety of the industry because as K-Pop fans, K-Pop is all we really see."

    More K-Pop fans need to read this, I swear, because a lot of them truly believe that K-Pop = most of the industry. Yeah there's a large demographic and the music is popular but there's other types of celebrities to acknowledge, too.

  7. Well you are doing a great job in selecting the articles you think we will like.. Good job! But when you say kpop takes up 30 percent and senior idols are a part of the other percent.. Do older idols not count as kpop? Do you mean wg, super junior old or shinhwa, ses, hot etc? Thank you in advance for clarifying.

  8. some ifans are so ignorant about what's popular in korea lol

  9. Q1. I am waiting for the Psy/Kim Jang Hoon controversy to end/resolve before I write up a post organizing everything that went down.

    Q2. Netizens usually consider everything before (and including) B2ST/MBLAQ as the era of "good idols" and everything after as ... irrelevant.

  10. any articles coming up about Davichi and their managers leaving CCM? any reasons why?

  11. Ok but then that would mean 30% of the coverage is for kpop that came after the good era of beast and mblaq, right? That somehow seems a but high..?

  12. You are doing great, netizenbuzz.
    I was wondering what netizens think a bout SM, YG and JYP in general? is it true that may hate SM and love YG?

    1. Too much all kpop influence? Keep in mind their general targets. SM still has the biggest knflunence in idol markets, Koreans know that they are the biggest and smartest when it comes to this industry.

  13. So in that case, bad publicity gained from obvious media play can be considered as good publicity for rookie groups? E.g EXID

    Since no one would have cared or even know their names if it were not for the media play.

  14. But Netizenbuzz, how is that no one cares about PJimin's new duo 15&, I'm shocked because I thought Korea loved her since Super Star K was a popular show in Korea.... and they also sold so much everytime their show ost was released, always topping the music charts.

    1. Well IMO it was a temporary popularity because of the show. As an example, American Idol winners often see high album sales a few months after the show ends but then they start to fade away after a while...

    2. Park Jimin wasn't on Superstar K, she was on K-Pop Star!

  15. '30. Kristin Stewart/Robert Pattison' lol.

  16. Allkpop is BAP biased, you know.

    1. And YG, obviously. No one is SM biased in my experience with sites that like.

  17. @ anon 1:26 i think i can answer a bit of this. from what i see, yg is seen as a good, shrewd businessman, not as this loving father-figure ifans have drawn up. as from sm, i'm not really sure, i've seen mixed responses ranging from respect to slave-driver lol.

    1. But the thing is, who isn't a slave driver? Just because in the news and to the public certain figures seem so caring doesn't mean he or she is really like that before the scenes. All idol companies want one thing, money, lots of money , and idols want the fame, and to do that, you really have to work hard like a "slave". Just because sm had that scandal maybe others learned to be smarter. I have a distant friend that trained at SM and she said SM is very strict, but not to the level like all the I- fans made of it.

  18. LOL GD... hate or like him, they just can't take their eyes away from him. Honestly if you guys haters want to "destroy" his career, just don't care about him, that's the best way. When none cares about him, his songs/albums won't rank high on charts, even he changes his hair style 100 times a year, nobody will look at him. That's simple.

    Beside, allKPOP always make like KPOP is the biggest thing in Korea but it's not, ask any Korean and they'll tell you the truth. The Korean only care for some famous idol like GD, SNSD, BIGBANG...

  19. ^agree.if i don't like somebody,i try to ignore him/'s a waste of emotion & being stressed is kinda tiring.maybe some are masochists by nature.

    thanks to netizenbuzz for giving us a glimpse of reality in kpop coz akp is painting it as if it's the greatest thing happeneds since slice bread.

  20. yes, an article explaining psy and kim janghoon situation, please. i found soompi's article is pretty informative, but not so much about what actually going around in k-netizens. :)

  21. Cant you do ftisland ? They have lots of gossip and stuff like that wish to read about them soon ,btw i start addict this blog

  22. Actually I think it's perfectly fine to update from a wide range of news because I am not interested only in Kpop but more about korean culture. Looking at what the masses seem to be interested in hopefully can give me a better insight on the culture. I like the articles on media play and also stuff like X-Files because this is something I wasn't aware of. Keep up the good job!

  23. more x-files the guessing game.

  24. I find it fascinating how warped International Kpop fans views are of Kpop (including myself). Rookies and in fact most post 2008 groups seem to be completely irrelevant in Korea lol.

  25. Only new KPOP fans or fans at allkpop think that KPOP is everything in Korea hahaha.

    Anyway I would like to say, I think it would be great if Netizenbuzz could also translate articles about actors, as well as dramas. Personally I'm more interested in actors and dramas than idols. especially since idols articles are always the same (hate comments about xxx or accusations of media play for xxx etc.). and of course X-files articles are good too~

  26. also rumor-mill please

  27. "ohsheyesOctober 8, 2012 12:15 PM

    And YG, obviously. No one is SM biased in my experience with sites that like."

    No, allKPOP is BIGBANG's hater, especially GD's, since the begin, they used to talk serious shit about BIGBANG.

  28. true i still have the news in my pc..allkpop hated big bang, they didn't miss the chance to call them gay or flops but now they have to pay big atention to them.... and ty netizenbuzz again

  29. Can I make a request that readers' requests are usually indicated in the title of the post like this: "[Reader's Request] Title of the article" unless that article is a top 30 Nate article? This is so that we know which ones are relevant and which ones are flooded by fans but isn't interesting to most other netizens.

  30. About Kim Jang Hoon and Psy's feud, I read this comment on allkpop, and I found it extremely insightful. Perhaps it will help you write your coverage of the controversy. I also heard that netizens were overwhelmingly on Psy's side, and criticized Kim Jang Hoon and Kim Jang Hoon's supporter. Personally, I've never really liked Kim Jang Hoon, despite his jaw dropping contributions to charity. I also saw him on Happy Together, and he talked about his panic attacks back then too. I think he's kind of paranoid and that he's kind of an attention seeker.

    Source: disqus ID: moe71423423

    Here's a breakdown of what happened from as far back as 1 month ago:

    Psy and Kim Jang Hoon were well known as best friends. However, Kim Jang Hoon was throwing shade on me2day a month ago on the day Psy's concert aired on MBC about how Psy was using his concert know-how. Then he said he was about to commit suicide on the day Psy performed his free concert in Seoul last week. Then a reporter claimed that Kim Jang Hoon was upset about Psy betraying him and taking all his concert staff and Psy using Kim Jang Hoon's concert ideas. Kim Jang Hoon wrote me2day posts about how he was betrayed by people (presumably his concert staff) but he's taking it all out on Psy. Psy visited Kim Jang Hoon in hospital. Then articles came out about how Psy visited Kim Jang Hoon in hospital from both YG and Kim Jang Hoon's management to calm things down. But then Kim Jang Hoon who definitely isn't in his right mind right now wrote on me2day about how he feels betrayed that Psy only visited to do media play even though Kim Jang Hoon's management released articles as well. Then he said something about how someone he hadn't seen in 6 months came to see him in hospital (hinting at Psy). Then once people started criticizing Kim Jang Hoon he wrote a me2day post about how he'll just leave the country and that people should stop fussing even though he's the one that caused the fuss and damaged Psy's and his own image.

    It was something that could have been sorted out between the two but Kim Jang Hoon chose to bitch about it on me2day for everyone to see. Also in reality Psy and Kim Jang Hoon had appeared on Come To Play together in May, Kim Jang Hoon released a song that Psy wrote in June and Psy and his fanclub had been putting money together to support Kim Jang Hoon's flower business as well in July, so his claim about not seeing him for 6 months is not true and Kim Jang Hoon is likely mentally unstable. His concert staff did leave him but there was a post from one of his concert staff from last year and several months ago saying that Kim Jang Hoon is a really awesome guy but he just doesn't pay his concert staff on time or fully.

    Screenshot here (all talking about Kim Jang Hoon's late payments and his huge donations to charity despite not paying his staff from before all this happened and a new post after this happened)

    He doesn't pay the staff but a few weeks later there'd be news about him donating $100,000 to some cause. When the concert staff call him to ask for their pay he is unreachable, but when he needs them again he contacts them saying sorry. So in a business where people get by from job to job, it's obvious that they can't keep taking on jobs where they don't get paid fully. Kim Jang Hoon himself even mentioned how he would only pay his concert staff half of their pay on Come To Play this May, and that it was all for a good cause because he was putting the rest of the money towards insurance for them so that they can get by in the future (without the concert staff's permission).

  31. The concert staff have their own families to feed and aren't working to donate all their earnings to charity like Kim Jang Hoon is, but he uses their wages to donate money. Kim Jang Hoon also said himself that he swears at his concert staff a lot. Of course they're going to leave him since they have their own circumstances and they'll go where people will actually pay them since it's their job and they're not exclusive to one person (they're probably not exclusive to Psy either). Psy and Kim Jang Hoon have been touring the country together for 3 years through the One Touch Tour and they shared knowledge during that time. Yet Kim Jang Hoon thinks that once they split, he shouldn't use any of that knowledge.

    Now Psy is stuck in a really shitty position where none of Kim Jang Hoon's complaints are directly Psy's fault, but because Kim Jang Hoon chose to air his weird complaints out on me2day directed entirely at Psy instead of face to face, both of their images are shot. Psy probably has a lot to say but he can't because Kim Jang Hoon is threatening him with suicide. It's a real joke and Kim Jang Hoon is obviously very mentally unstable. On Come To Play, Kim Jang Hoon was the one that suggested that he and Psy split up for now so they did. Then 2 months later Psy came out with a huge hit while Infinite Challenge's Super 7 Concert (which Kim Jang Hoon had been organizing) was cancelled, and his concert staff left. Kim Jang Hoon is known to suffer from panic disorder and all these events at once probably lead to his mental instability and now he believes Psy is the cause of all his problems.

    Soompi did a really good job covering the controversy.

  32. Turns out that Kim Jang Hoon is actually just a psycho...

    He'd been chatting with fans on me2day for a few months and talking behind Psy's back saying things such as:
    "Should I just shout it out? Not just that but shamefully on the day I die keke"
    "No matter what it takes I need to bring those people down with me.. You know what I mean hehe"
    "I haven't seen anyone that wasn't ruined after crossing me. That kid should know full well how frightening I am better than others"

    The things he says are straight out of a Korean drama lol.

    Kim Jang Hoon also did an interview on TV today about how "Psy's claims are not true" making it seem like Psy is doing media play or something but Psy hasn't actually made any claims lol. He's been quiet ever since the beginning while Kim Jang Hoon kept attacking him. It's making all this seem way more calculated than it did initially because he must be reading netizen opinions and getting desperate since noone is on Kim Jang Hoon's side anymore after those posts about not paying the staff, me2day posts, and videos from Come To Play were found by netizens. I thought he'd just gone crazy but maybe he's just this kind of person to the people closest to him. Or maybe he's just afraid of his best friend getting too big and busy for him and wants to make him submit to his hyung. Either way it seems like it would be better if Psy just cut off ties with him at this point... But he probably won't...

    cr ; SHithead, hallyu8

  33. Kristin Stewart/Robert Pattison lmao, robsten is unbroken

  34. Lol @ the people that think AKP is YG and B.A.P biased. AKP used to print articles about YG artists calling them fags and such. Yeah real biased towards them.

  35. ooooo this is a good request i think :3

    "Can I make a request that readers' requests are usually indicated in the title of the post like this: "[Reader's Request] Title of the article" unless that article is a top 30 Nate article? This is so that we know which ones are relevant and which ones are flooded by fans but isn't interesting to most other netizens."

    -Anyways keep up the good work, i like this site and its take on kpop news :D

  36. Q2. Netizens usually consider everything before (and including) B2ST/MBLAQ as the era of "good idols" and everything after as ... irrelevant.

    That's sad because they are not even giving 2012 rookies a chance. They may not be famous YET but I believe B.A.P will gain more influence in the future because they are much better than all the other rookies last year and most of this year's rookies. I hope netizens can be more open to trying out new groups.

    But thanks netizenbuzz for at least addressing this issue :)

  37. ^ I forgot to add.. with the exception of Block B. Because they are pretty good.

  38. Yeah...they´re SO underrated :/